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TSEP Next move

The 3rd Annual General Meeting of the TSEP Association, held in 2020, was a gathering of leading IT companies at the forefront of Thailand’s progress. The meeting aimed to unite and strengthen the association in facing the current crisis and preparing for the future.

During the meeting, Mr. Visanupong Wongwas, the President of the TSEP Association, introduced the new committee members and presented the association’s vision for a stronger future. The objectives discussed during the meeting included:

  1. Promoting the export of Thai software solutions to foreign countries.
  2. Establishing networks with associations, organizations, and government agencies to enhance the industry’s resilience.
  3. Collaborating with current and future members to create a national platform for Thais. This would begin with tourism and healthcare platforms, utilizing the core businesses of existing members and expanding the services. The aim was to provide an alternative to foreign platforms and support the growth of the Thai economy. The association aimed to raise awareness among key stakeholders to achieve the motto “Thai-made, Thai-used, Thai prospered.”

Additionally, an exclusive discussion was held on the topic of “Expanding Horizons with Digital Capital Markets” by Mr. Prapant Charoenprawat, the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) Marketing Manager, providing in-depth insights.

The meeting concluded with a presentation on “Capital Expansion and Working Capital for Digital Businesses” by Mr. Tadtarut Akkhararat, the Senior Development Manager of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank). This topic aimed to provide valuable information for digital entrepreneurs and SMEs to navigate through the current crisis.

Overall, the meeting served as a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic planning to ensure the growth and resilience of the digital industry in Thailand.

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